EDM Talent Agency

EDM Talent Agency has centered on offering unparalleled leisure for occasions of all sizes and shapes.

edm agencyA Canadian EDM Talent Agency as well. Widely acknowledged as Vancouver’s leading Entertainment and Production Company, EDM.Agency has the flexibility to create both complicated entertainment services in addition to cutting-edge production concepts and design.  This offers our clients with one of a kind event management service.  EDM.Agency is where  project conception meets project completion.

Today, the EDM.Agency roster is a mix of over 100 performers, managers, producers, technical directors and event employees. EDM.Agency is also home to The EDM Agency DJ Institute.

EDM.Agency has constructed its status on technology and innovation.  We have helped build, then re-create, the events industry.  Our companies deal with entertainment, production and the blend between the 2.  Our satisfied client base is well over 700 and targets over 100,000 visitors annually.  Our services are based mostly in Vancouver, Canada and extend to Montreal, Toronto, Los Angeles, New York, Detroit and Miami.  With a powerful focus on both attention to detail and customer care and satisfaction, EDM.Agency is ready to build starting with an idea to custom fit our clients’ goals, budgets and styles.

EDM.Agency has proudly worked with the NFL, Vancouver International Film Festival, Bell Canada, Air Canada, the BC Lions, Vancouver Canucks Sports and Entertainment, Disney, City TV and quite a few different clients.  From DJ services, dance groups , live music, specialty niche entertainers and customized choreography, to production, design and fusion, EDM.Agency offers our in house events team from the first step to the final detail. With a private events manager behind each function, we’re in a position to collect the necessary info needed to execute on the very best stage.